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Amort Hotel VIP Club

We reward your loyalty and make the sun shine for you!

A warm welcome to the Amort Hotels VIP Club, where your loyalty is rewarded. Collect valuable MERAN SUNS (Sun Points) and, as a special thank you, you can enjoy exclusive offers and reductions to be redeemed on your next stay at an Amort Hotel.

So log in, check your balance and make sure you enjoy great benefits

Register as a new guest and make sure you get your starting balance

Your VIP Club benefits at a glance

  • every holiday receives a reward
  • take advantage of exclusive VIP Guest Club offers & reductions
  • easily create your own voucher in euros to redeem or give as a gift
  • recommend us to friends and acquaintances and receive many more valuable MERAN SUNS

What are MERAN SUNS (Sun Points)?

MERAN SUNS are loyalty points awarded or already collected for each stay in one of the three Amort Hotels. Each MERAN SUN collected has a certain monetary value. In order to view your current balance on your VIP Club account, simply log on to the VIP Club using your personal access data.

How can I collect more MERAN SUNS?

You will be credited with MERAN SUNS for each stay at one of the Amort Hotels. You can also earn more Sun Points by recommending us to friends and acquaintances. Rating us also offers you the chance to top up your account with valuable MERAN SUNS.

What do I do with the SUN POINTS I have already acquired?

Collected MERAN SUNS can be redeemed in the VIP Club. For example, you can convert your Sun Points into a voucher and use it for your next holiday at one of the three Amort Hotels.

The vouchers also make excellent gift ideas and can of course also be transferred to friends or acquaintance.

Do you have further questions about the VIP Club? Send an email to We will be pleased to help!

With sunny greetings from Meran
Yours, the Glatt-Amort-Ellmenreich family